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VSI6X Series Vertical Crusher

VSI6X Series Vertical Crusher

VSI6X Series Vertical Crusher

In view of the increasing demand for large-scale, intensive, energy-saving and high-quality mechanism sand in the sand and gravel market, the company further optimized the design of the structure and function of the broken sand on the basis of thousands of pieces of impact sand shaping technology, and launched a new generation of high-efficiency and low-cost sand shaping equipment -VSI6X series sand making machine.
Applications:metallic and non-metallic ore, building material, artificial sand making and every kind of metallurgical slag

Working Principles

The motor drives the spindle and rotates the impeller at high speed.The material entering the impeller will be accelerated and discharged into the crushing chamber, where it will then collide with the material lining formed in the crushing chamber.In this process, the kinetic energy from the acceleration is converted into the energy required for crushing and shaping.The material will circulate in the crushing chamber many times.After several crushing molding, the continuous crushing molding is realized with the help of the surrounding gas vortex.The final product is discharged from the bottom outlet of the body.This method of crushing is called "crushing between materials" and is used for molding materials.In addition, the machine has another crushing method "between the material and the lining."Compared with "crushing between materials", the difference is that after discharging the material from the impeller, the material will collide with the bushing installed in the crushing chamber.After the impact, the material is directly discharged from the bottom outlet of the body and does not circulate for many times in the crushing chamber.This crushing method is mainly used for crushing (the target of large crushing ratio).

Learn More About LimingĀ® VSI6X Series Vertical Crusher

1.The upgraded cavity has two crushing modes: "rock on rock" (which breaks when rocks collide with each other) and "iron on rock" (which breaks when rocks collide with iron plates).
2.In order to ensure the performance of the equipment, the structure of key components of VSI6X series sand making machine, such as impeller, bearing cylinder block and main body, has been optimized.
3.Equipped with simple lifting device.When the equipment needs maintenance, the impeller and bearing cylinder lift does not need additional lifting device, greatly reducing the maintenance difficulty of the equipment.
4.Adopt more stable and reliable dual motor drive and automatic dilution oil lubrication.At the same time, the luggage rack and maintenance platform were optimized to ensure the safety and reliability of equipment operation.

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