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MTW Trapezium Mill

MTW Trapezium Mill

MTW Trapezium Mill

MTW European Trapezium Mill has a large market share in the grinding industry. Whether bevel gear overall drive, inner automatic thin-oil lubricating system or arc air channel, these proprietary technologies makes machine advanced, humanized and green.
Applications:Cement, coal , power plant desulfurization, metallurgy, chemical industry, non-metallic mineral, construction material, ceramics.

Working Principles

The system consists of grinding mill, separator, air blower, jaw crusher, vibrating feeder, hopper, dust collector, pipe, powder collector, electric cabinet, motors, etc.
Big lump materials are crushed to required size by jaw crusher, then elevated to buffering hopper through elevator, after that fed into the mill to be ground. Materials are to be ground between ring and rollers, and move up with the air flow, those particles which cannot pass the separator will fall down and be ground again, while others will be collected as finished product. Air flow passing through separator will go to the air blower for recycling, it's a closed system.

Learn More About Liming MTW Trapezium Mill

1.bevel gear integral transmission, low energy loss, high efficiency:
The traditional mill needs another reducer to drive the spindle through the coupling, so it is difficult to adjust the spindle during installation, easy to produce noise and reduce efficiency. The MTW series European grinding mill drives the bevel gear as a whole, which is more compact in structure, more convenient in installation and adjustment, and greatly increases the efficiency.
2.Internal thin oil lubrication system, advanced and reliable:
Traditional mill lubrication is grease lubrication, high lubrication resistance, high temperature rise, short bearing life, MTW series European trapezoidal grinding with internal oil pump, without the need to add another oil pump or lubricating station, spindle bearing and tapered gear shaft bearing lubrication, greatly improve the service life of the equipment.
3.Curved air duct, low air loss and good material fluidity:
In the traditional mill, the air duct of the mill is straight type. Exist in the structure flow wind but produce resistance, air molecules collide with each other between the energy loss is big, easy to produce the shortcomings, such as eddy current cause the clogging in duct MTW series adopted by European ladder-shaped duct for surface type air duct, tangential air import smooth, small resistance, internal export direction is advantageous to the material dispersion, not easy plugging material.
4.Special grinding roller and ring structure design, curved surface changeable blade scraper, so that grinding efficiency can be improved and use cost can be reduced:
The blade of the traditional mill scraper wears fast. The blade is a whole scraper. After the blade is worn, the whole scraper needs to be replaced, which wastes materials and increases the time of stopping and changing.
5.The granularity of finished products is adjustable and controllable, and the powder selection efficiency is high:
The speed of the analyzer is controlled by frequency conversion, which makes the speed more accurate and the fine material sorting effect better. The separation cyclone powder collector and powder selection efficiency are greatly improved. The separation structure between the inner cylinder and the mixed gas powder flow can effectively improve the powder selection efficiency and powder selection accuracy.
6.Air inlet volute without resistance (small observation door without vortex) :
The observation door of the inlet volute of the traditional mill is protruding outwards, which is not on the same plane with the inside surface of the inlet volute, so it is easy to produce eddy current effect and increase the energy consumption of the system.MTW series European grinding machine adopts the inner surface of the internal door plate and the inner surface of the inlet volute on the same surface, so as to effectively avoid the eddy current effect.
7.User-friendly design and easy operation:
European version of the grinding machine not only the internal use of many advanced structures, but also the appearance of a beautiful arc structure design, so that the whole machine more human, reduce the workers operating unnecessary damage.
8.Pay attention to environmental protection.

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